Welcome to September 29th on the National Day Calendar.

When it comes to brand ambassadors, there are few more iconic than Juan Valdez.

This fictional coffee farmer has been the face of the Coffee Growers of Colombia for over 6 decades. And for nearly 40 of those years, Carlos Sanchez portrayed the iconic spokesperson.

The Colombian actor had actually been a coffee farmer in his youth, so he fit the role perfectly. With his wide brimmed hat and big smile, Juan Valdez became the center of a worldwide ad campaign that made the character nearly as popular as Colombian coffee itself.

Sanchez retired from the role in 2006, but Juan Valdez lives on both as a spokesperson and as a chain of coffee shops.

On National Coffee Day, celebrate your own favorite brand with a delicious cup of joe.

I’m Marlo Anderson with the National Day Calendar. See you again tomorrow as we Celebrate Every Day!