The violins and violas we play today are a legacy of Mongolian nomads. These horsemen from Inner Asia with their two string, upright instruments are considered to be the worlds first fiddlers.

On the other end of the spectrum comes the gold standard of violins, the Stradivius.

During his lifetime, Antonio Stradivari crafted about one-thousand-one-hundred stringed instruments. Its estimated that about five-hundred of these still exist today and they are extremely valuable. In 2011, a Stradivarius nicknamed Lady Blunt was purchased for nearly sixteen-million.

Another, nicknamed the Messiah, is in pristine condition and is so priceless that no one is even allowed to play it. Its locked in a climate controlled case in an Oxford, England museum.

On National Violin Day, celebrate in grand style by listening to your favorite musicians, or bust out the fiddle and give a nod to the original.