MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — This week is getting everyone’s taste buds excited because it’s National Farmers Market Week.

From August 7 through 13, the Farmers Market Coalition is highlighting the importance and value of local farmer’s markets.

The Minot Farmer’s Market is held in Oak Park every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

“We hope people gain more interest in getting from producers around here and buying locally more and just kind of watching for it too,” said Anne Leier, a ranch hand at Heartland Bison Ranch.

In celebration of National Farmers Market Week, vendors are having games, demonstrations, and giveaways.

The Market Board President says he hopes people learn just how much goes into our farmers’ markets.

“An understanding of where their food comes from and an appreciation for what their local producers do to give them the high-quality products that they get every day when they come and visit the farmer’s market,” said Micheal Spies.

Spies also runs a stall called GnomeHall Farm where he sells bread, jams, and other items.

He says shopping local is important, especially for health reasons.

“You know what you’re getting and where you’re getting it from. You can talk to the person that either grew or made whatever it is that you’re buying. So you can ask them okay, did you use such and such pesticide? Does this have nuts or dairy,” said Spies.

Leier agrees.

“It’s good to support your local farmers who are growing the food for you in your area. ‘Cause when you buy at a grocery store, you don’t always know where it’s coming from. Where here, now you know where it’s coming from and who the people are behind it,” said Leier.

Both Spies and Leier have only been vendors at the Minot Farmer’s Market for a few years, but they both say they enjoy meeting all the people.

We’ve seen a lot of new people come through, but it’s fun to always see new faces every week to check things out,” said Leier.

The Minot Farmer’s Market will continue to celebrate National Farmers Market Week from 9 a.m. to noon on Thursday and Saturday.