BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The states National Guard gave one of our reporters a free roundtrip ride.

The North Dakota National Guard conducted a flyover for the Babe Ruth World Series in Williston, but you cant just hop on a plane and fly.

A lot of planning goes into having a perfectly timed flyover.

“There is a lot of prepping that goes into a flight, so that’s kind of what we’ll do here and then once we get that, the prepping and the setting, and the planning all done, then we go ahead and execute the flight of the mission, whatever that may be,” said Chief Warrant Officer, Jasmine Kocon.

Two Blackhawk helicopters left from the Army Aviation Support Facility in Bismarck and made a quick pitstop at Williston Basin Airport for fuel.

Once the helicopters where refueled, they then got into formation and flew over the stadium only 500 feet above the ground, and for the pilots, that is their favorite part.

“I can go anywhere, I can take my helicopter almost anywhere, get really low to the ground, do a lot of fun maneuvering and it’s really just very freeing. It’s a really cool feeling,” added Kocon.

Flying the helicopters are highly trained pilots that even though they are in the National Guard, fly frequently.

For them it is a long journey that last well over year, in just flight school.

“You have to go to Warrant Officer Training or OCS, Officer Candidate School, depending on which route you go, and once you make it through that, then you head to flight school which is a pretty long process, about 15 months I think is what I spent, 15 to 18 months in flight school,” said Kocon.

The National Guard says they have a lot of people asking for flyovers for their events, and they plan on conducting a few more.

For more information on about the North Dakota National Guard, visit the North Dakota National Guard Website.