Welcome to July 6th on the National Day Calendar. Before it was a delicacy, sushi was a staple food in the diets of poor fishermen.

In the days before refrigeration, people discovered that they could preserve the fish by packing it in fermented rice. But unlike modern sushi, the rice was not eaten, as it was only meant to keep the fish from spoiling. Eventually, rice vinegar replaced the fermented rice. Since then, sushi has transformed into a delicacy, with many variations.

But none has the unique flair of the hand roll. It uses the same ingredients as other rolls but hand rolls are not cut into pieces and they are meant to be eaten as soon as they are served.

On National Hand Roll Day, try something new at your favorite sushi place and be sure to say, kanpai! I’m Marlo Anderson with the National Day Calendar. See you again tomorrow as we Celebrate Every Day!

It’s also National Fried Chicken Day.