Native American students at Mandan High School say they’re now feeling a sense of inclusion.

Travis Albers was recently appointed to a new position as the Title 6 Coordinator for Mandan Public Schools.

The purpose of having a Title 6 Coordinator is to serve as an advocate between Native American parents and students, and school administrators.

The school district was awarded a federal grant to create this position.

The grant will help fund cultural programs and assist the educational needs of the students.

Albers says it is important for his students to learn about their culture and history.

“My job was created to address the disparities we have with our Native American population, whether it’s grades or attendance and graduation rates, and family engagement rates which is a huge thing. And that’s what Title 6 really helps with, especially with the family engagement part. We all know as parents the more support a child has, the better they’re gonna do. And a lot of our Native American students when you come off a reservation, you come to a bigger school like this, your cultures are missing,” said Albers.

Mandan High School also has a few different groups for diversity and inclusion.

One of those is forward directions.

Albers says the group is open to all students and they enjoy the diversity and education they can learn from different backgrounds.