It may be warm for the end of November, but Native Inc. is looking to help keep North Dakotans warm for the inevitable cold weather that is yet to come.

550 coats and 550 pairs of shoes were donated by Operation Warm, free of charge for families who may not be able to afford it.

This is the first time Native Inc. has put on a coat donation drive but hopes to keep it going.

There are already plans in place for another coat drive in the spring.

Not only are they trying to keep the community warm — they’re also aiming to protect it.

Ohitika Tasso, the Community Coordinator at Native Inc., said, “We put this event on for the youth and the community and the families that are here. Sanford is set up to do vaccine shots for 5 on up for 5 years old for COVID vaccine shots.”

Both Native Inc. and Operation Warm wanted to extend a warm thank you to their other sponsors, Continental Resources and Marathon Petroleum.