ND Beef Commission helping student athletes with new campaign

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The North Dakota Beef Commission has launched a new campaign called “Powered By Beef,” geared towards supporting high schools and high school athletes.

Two schools were a part of the pilot program — with more to come.

This past summer, the beef commission began pursuing its goal of ensuring proper diet and nutrition for student athletes.

The Powered By Beef campaign is funded by local farmers and ranchers.

The goal?

“[To help] them to perform their best on and off the field and court by focusing on protein and how that can help them build strong, healthy muscles,” said Nicole Wardner, North Dakota Beef Commission Consumer Marketing Director.

Students and parents can benefit from the program, which focuses on more than just beef and protein.

“Of course we want the students to make sure that their plate is anchored with protein and they’re making sure that they’re getting that involved in the planning of their meals, but we wanted to include fruits and vegetables and dairy and fiber-rich carbohydrates as well,” said Wardner.

The North Dakota Beef Commission has already partnered with two schools for their Powered By Beef Campaign.

One of them is Fargo-Davies and the other is Bismarck High School.

Seven Class B schools have already jumped on board with the campaign as well.

BHS Activities Director Scott Nustad says that the campaign was a huge success among students and their parents.

He said, “It was a great partnership this summer. Our athletes, after they got done every day, four days a week, were able to get some beef sticks, we had a great relationship, like I said, with North Dakota beef.”

And those beef sticks were a hot commodity among the students, which are a healthier option than sources of protein popular among teens and young adults, such as protein shakes.

We want to make sure it’s whole foods, real foods, that are fueling their systems, because that is going to be the best way for them to get those all-natural nutrients and minerals that they need to perform at their best,” said Wardner.

It’s not just nutritional information that you can find… you can also find some delicious recipes on the website.

Overall, the goal is to ensure health and wellness, while also providing some healthy competition on the field, court, and ice.

Producers can also donate their beef to schools in the program.

If interested, contact the North Dakota Beef Commission at (701) 328-5120 or visit https://www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com/

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