It is getting harder and harder to find hand sanitizer around North Dakota. That’s why one local business decided to create their own, to help citizens across the state who are struggling to find any.

Marlo and Alice Anderson, who run the National Day Calendar in Mandan, say they started production about three days ago. They’ve been making hundreds of gallons of their hand sanitizer an hour, and call it ‘Germ Off’.

They hooked up with other distributors and say one of their biggest problems was trying to find alcohol. Anderson tells KX News they were able to get a regulation relax from the FDA, so they are able to purchase alcohol from ethanol plants. This has opened doors for not just our state but for states all over the country.

Most importantly, Marlo is making sure to keep the sanitizer at a reasonable price and help as many people in the area as they can.

Anderson says, “When you see this in stores we actually have a recommended retail and if they go above that we have the right to pull the product from their stores, so we are making sure that nobody that’s getting this is going to start charging $20 or $25, or 100 bucks for a gallon because they won’t be a distributor of ours then.”

The price is $35 per gallon or $12 per quart. They were able to get a supply of milk jugs to load up the sanitizer in, and they want to start a refill system.

They tell KX News it might not smell the best, but it does the job!

For more information about the Amderson’s sanitizer, click here.