DICKINSON, N.D. (KXNET) — The North Dakota Consumer Family Network is an organization that provides support to those with mental illness.

And over the past week, the Network has been hosting its first conference, post-pandemic, in Dickinson.

Organizers say that they strive to make a positive impact on those struggling with mental illness.

Mental health advocate and deputy director, Matthew Mcleary, hopes to improve lives by building a community for those who may have a lack of emotional support.

“During the pandemic a lot of people with mental illness, many of whom who also in more protective settings, have difficulty connecting with each other. They were isolated. And that lack of community with people that are going through similar issues and having comradery with people that get it and know it and they can support each other that is what was missing and we wanted to bring it back,” said Mcleary.

The Consumer Family Network will be hosting its next mental health conference next year.