Doctors specializing in fertility and maternal care took questions in a town hall Wednesday about the COVID-19 vaccine’s impact on fertility.

The North Dakota Health Department hosted the virtual event, and the state health officer discussed several questions with three doctors.

One maternal fetal medicine specialist discussed concerns over the vaccine’s possible impact on pregnant women. Dr. Ana Tobiasz of Sanford Health explained a CDC study tracking more than 35,000 women who were pregnant when they got the vaccine.

She says the CDC has now been studying 4,000 of those women who signed up, and so far there’s no evidence the vaccine has presented additional risks.

“So far to date, there has not been any difference in the rate of pregnancy complications when you compare to the general population, before the COVID vaccine,” Dr. Tobiasz said.

The doctors also said there has been no observed increase in miscarriages among women who have received the vaccine.