State police have once again beefed up their patrols along North Dakota’s highways to prevent accidents and fatalities during the long Labor Day weekend. The goal? To catch dangerous drivers and get everyone home safe to their families.

“Oh, it happens all the time,” said Mark Kline, ND HIghway Patrol.

We see it happen all the time…car crashes. Some which can be avoided.

“We had a recent fatal crash in the local area where an individual failed to stop at a stop sign and was hit by another driver,” added Kline.

Highway Patrolman Mark Kline says they are cracking down this weekend. He says they aren’t out to get drivers, but trying to reduce the number of violations.

He said, “We will do saturation patrols, where there are more troopers working on the road, and then taking enforcement action on the violations when we see them.”

Labor Day marks the end of what the CDC calls “The 100 Deadliest Days of Summer.”
During the 100 days from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the number of fatal car crashes nearly doubles.

The National Safety Council estimates there will be nearly 400 traffic-related fatalities with over 40,000 people seeking medical care for accidents this holiday weekend in the U.S., DUI’s being the cause of many of them. The other big cause…distracted driving.

We spoke to one driver who says he’s guilty of not always paying attention as well as he should be.

“I’m pretty much a defensive driver. But I like to look around at the scenery, that’s why I like to drive,” said Fred Perkins.

Perkins says he likes to try and stay off the road during holiday weekends like this one. Kline says when you are behind the wheel you need to be aware of your surroundings, and if you are not sober, don’t drive.

To report a driver you suspect is drunk or driving erratically, you can call the highway patrol’s non-emergency line or call your local law enforcement officials.