You could soon buy raffle tickets online, after North Dakota’s House narrowly passed a bill Monday.

House Bill 1162 says fifty-fifty raffles cannot be conducted online, but paying for those tickets over the internet is now allowed. Those participating could spend up to $500 a day using a credit card, but not more than $1,500 a week.

Nonprofits testified in support of the bill, saying online selling will help fundraising, but some lawmakers took issue with the bill allowing credit card use, saying it could feed a gambling addiction.

“Regarding the $500 limit per day, I find that almost comical. That would be a potential $30,000 per month of spending on credit cards. That’s really not a limit. It’s easy for people to get involved and get caught up in some of these things when you can use a credit card,” Rep. Jim Kasper said.

Tribal gaming groups had previously testified against the bill, saying it undercuts their gambling industry. The bill will head to the Governor for his signature or veto.