As President Joe Biden calls for gun restrictions in the wake of mass shootings, North Dakota lawmakers are expanding the circumstances under which you’re justified to use a gun.

Both chambers of the state legislature approved a “stand your ground” bill, which would allow you to shoot in self-defense not just at your home or work, but virtually anywhere you’re legally allowed to be.

Currently, you have to attempt to retreat and ask your attacker to retreat, before using deadly force, but this bill eliminates that requirement. It passed the House 77 to 16, and the Senate 35-10 on Thursday.

Sen. Oley Larsen spoke in support of the bill, explaining a personal experience in which he says his gun prevented crime.

“They’re all looking, and our eyes meet, and interestingly enough, when you put a browning 9 millimeter on the dash, it was like Moses parting the water. I got to finish my sandwich, they went and thumped on somebody else. This is a good thing for me. I’m voting green,” Larsen said.

It’ll head back to the House for approval of those amendments, before being sent to the governor. So far, more than 30 other states have some form of a stand your ground bill.