Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle may seem like an easy feat, but there are a lot of responsibilities that come with it like knowing how to change a tire. Sixteen-year-old Nathan Stastny is all too confident about getting behind the wheel.

“I know how to drive,” Stastny said.

He along with other teens are practicing safe driving habits and learning about the consequences of driving impaired, which he said is a no-go.

“Don’t drive drunk. After you get the impaired mode, you lose all control, and the car goes where you don’t want,” Stastny said.

He is driving an electric go-kart and getting the feel of the effects of how being intoxicated impacts the ability to drive.

Vision Zero set up several activities that offered these real-world consequences behind impaired driving.

“There was a void in some of these areas. Teens, we were sometimes putting them behind the wheel without some of these experiences that they probably need to go through to become safe drivers,” Vision Zero Outreach manager Ryan Gellner said.

According to Vision Zero, there were 4,080 DUI Arrests in North Dakota in 2021 and so far, 1,252 this year.
This safety activity leaves teens with a reminder of the consequences before getting behind the driver’s seat.

“Everything is safe, everything is tested out. It really lets the teens themselves get in the driver’s seat or experience some things they might experience in their driving lives,” Gellner said.