BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Every year, the North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders hosts a conference for teachers, throughout the state to network, recharge, and learn a little, too — and that conference just started.

One of the biggest topics they’re addressing is Artificial intelligence and how to approach it in the classrooms.

They’ll also be discussing what the special legislative session next week may mean for our teachers.

Executive Director Aimee Copas says the timing for the conference couldn’t be better.

“You get to about six weeks into the school year and the kids are tired, the teachers are tired, the administrators are tired. It’s time for fall break, it’s time for this time,” said Copas. “What I see happen is these folks come together and they network, and they recharge, and they get better.”

“There’s so much high-level adrenaline and excitement and happiness to be here because we’re cross-networking with people all over the state, and they have this opportunity to recharge, and then they can go back to school on Monday even better,” continued Copas.

The conference will continue on Friday, with keynote addresses about AI and the importance of embracing change in your life.

To learn more about the Council of Educational Leaders, you can click the link here.