MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Tuesday night’s election showed a close race between two candidates vying for a unique city council seat.

Scott Burlingame has been chosen by voters as the newest Alderman for the Minot City Council.

Even though Minot Mayor Tom Ross openly showed his support for Burlingame’s competitor Roscoe Streyle, Burlingame still edged out Streyle, who served on the council since July in the seat vacated by Ross when he was elected Mayor.

This was Burlingame’s second run for city council after falling short in the 2020 election. Scott Burlingame won almost 53% of the votes, in a tight race.

“I’m really happy with how the campaign went. We talked about issues, we kept it positive, and engaged a lot of different people. I mean in today’s world, that doesn’t happen a whole lot so I’m really proud of how this race went. I do just want to thank everyone that voted for me, and everyone that supported me in everything else. I’m really looking forward to getting busy now and serving the people of Minot,” said Scott Burlingame, the Alderman Elect for the Minot City Council.

Burlingame will serve a two-year term on the City Council.