MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — With these freezing temperatures, you probably have warmth and summer on the brain.

More than three million players play pickleball in the U.S. and that number is only growing.

As pickleball continues to sweep the nation, the Minot Park District has announced the opening of its pickleball courts.

The tennis courts at Roosevelt Park will be converted into eight pickleball courts.

The renovations will include regulation pickleball nets, painted markings, and dividers between the courts.

The total cost for the renovations is nearly $89,000 but a pickleball fundraising group has been busy raising the funds to put at least $9,000 towards that.

Members are excited to provide the area with a new and popular sport.

“Young people are playing it, but also older people play it. Lots of people will go south for the winter and it s really popular wherever they go. Then they come back here and want to play it in the summertime when the weather’s nice here. So, it’s something fun we can add to our community that a lot of people get out and use and get some good exercise and enjoy the outdoors,” said Ron Merritt, the Park Director for the Minot Park District.

The courts are expected to be finished and open up to picklers next summer.