STANLEY, N.D. (KXNET) — Pools symbolize summer fun and beating the heat — and in one local city, their new pool is making headway.

Construction is continuing to progress as the walls were revealed last week for the Stanley Park District’s new pool. So far, the groundwork underneath the pool and the splash pad have been completed. Now, walls are being built for the locker room.

The recreation director says the old pool was more than 60 years old and had a lot of wear and tear — so instead of reinvesting in that pool, the Park Board decided to build a new one instead.

“I feel like it’s, it’s just one more thing we can add for the youth and also the elderly, the adults and such,” said Stanley Park District’s Rec Director Cassie Fjeldahl. “For them to come in and enjoy the summer months, sitting by a pool or in a splash pad.”

The Stanley Park District is still fundraising for the pool. Fjeldahl says the pool will hopefully be completed by this fall.

There is also a Facebook page that updates the progress of the pool.