BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Bismarck Public Schools has a new roofing plan.

BPS has a roof replacement schedule every 20 to 30 years, and the roof replacement project was approved by the school board at Monday night’s meeting.

With over two million square feet of roofing, about fifty thousand square feet will be replaced with the school board’s budget.

To minimize student interruptions, the roof replacement project will begin in May and will end before school starts again in the Fall.

“We try to replace roofs that need to be replaced. So, it’s not leaking. It’s not falling apart. But it’s just been probably patched and beyond being able to be repaired. So, then it needs to be replaced,” said Darin Scherr, the Bismarck Public Schools business and operations manager.

The Bismarck School Board also approved a new renovation for the Hughes Educational Center, expanding the space for Career and Technical Education.

This summer, renovations will be underway at the Educational Center with plans to have 50,000 square feet redone inside the building.

The school board is also awaiting funding from the state for a brand-new Career and Technical Center that will be located on the east side of Bismarck.

The new career buildings will help Bismarck Public schools expand workforce education to middle schoolers instead of just high schoolers.

“That’s why there were grants for the whole state. I mean it’s pretty important to our legislators and the Governor that we need to increase workforce development So that we are graduating kids that they have an option they can go to college and get a two-year degree, or they can join the workforce,” said Scherr.

The school board also approved other yearly maintenance projects for this year. To learn more about what was on the school board’s agenda last night click this link to their meeting minutes.