MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A go-to trail along the Souris River is a popular destination year-round for hikers, bikers, cross-country skiers and more.

But because the Bison Plant Trail sees a lot of traffic, the Minot Park Board has approved new rules and will be increasing the enforcement of older rules.

New rules set the right of way order for the three paths making up the all-season trail.

During the summer months, hikers will have the right-of-way on the main trail over bikers but will have to yield to bikers on what the park calls challenge trails.

Pets are allowed on a six-foot leash and must be cleaned up after, or you could be ticketed.

Motorized vehicles of any sort, including class two E-bikes, are prohibited.

The goal is to ensure the trail can be enjoyed by anyone.

“There are hikers, there are bikers, there are walkers. In the wintertime, there are cross-country skiers, there’s fat tire biking. So, in that small space, when you get that many people, and if people don’t know the right of way when to yield when to not, it can get a little bit chaotic. So we are recognizing that. We’re recognizing that we have improvements to make out there,” said Elly Deslauriers, director of Marketing and Development for the Minot Park District.

Rules and regulations change from summer to winter on the trail.

The Park District will be placing new signage panels throughout the trail, displaying the rules for each season.