New study finds weeds resistant to herbicides

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A study conducted by NDSU North Central Research Extension Center Weed Scientist, Dr. Brian Jenks finds that weeds common in western North Dakota have grown resistant to certain herbicides.

These herbicides, commonly known as weed killers, are grouped into two categories:

Group 1 herbicides are generally grass herbicides. They are intended to attack certain lipids, which inhibits the growth of weeds. Common group 1 herbicides consist of Poast Ultra, Select, and Hoegrass.

Group 2 herbicides block the growth of proteins that are critical in the survival of a weed. Examples of this group include Pursuit, Spartan, and Accent.

Dr. Jenks states that these weeds, which are green foxtail and wild oat, were once easily controlled. However, after repeated processes in attempting to control these weeds, with little change, they have adapted and become resistant to these processes which have worked in the past.

“These weeds have changed over time and they used to be easily controlled, but now we’re finding they’re resistant to the commonly used herbicides that we have primarily in wheat, but also in some of our broad leaf crops,” said Dr. Jenks.

Future research is expected to be conducted, but in the meantime, Dr. Jenks does have some solutions for local farmers. He says that farmers should plant crops with a higher tolerance to weeds, or simply plant more seeds.

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