BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Dogs need to exercise just like us, and a lot of times, it requires more than your daily walk.

So to help get your dogs in tip-top shape, Bismarck’s Healthy Dog center now has an underwater treadmill for dogs.

The underwater treadmill is great for dogs that are overweight, have arthritis, or simply walk indoors on those cold winter days.

In between their designated workouts, dogs get a chance to relax with turbo jets and bubble massages.

The Healthy Dog Center shares that they have seen some great success stories after dogs use the treadmill.

“Deuce, my boy here, he’s got a bad left knee and he drags his back left foot and the underwater treadmill is definitely helping him strengthen those back legs so that he’s not dragging his foot as much,” said partial owner, Lila Teunissen.

For those closer to the east side of the state, there is an underwater dog treadmill in Casselton too.

Sessions are open to all and cost $40 for a half an hour 

To get your pet involved, head over to their website.