NEW TOWN, N.D. (KXNET) — An elementary school in New Town held a ribbon cutting for a new center, the first of its kind on a reservation.

Edwin Loe Elementary School now has a STEM center available for teachers and students to use.

The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation partnered with Devon Energy and Marathon Oil to bring the center to the school.

Second through sixth-grade teachers can sign their classes up to use the classroom.

“I think really, you know, we want to have these STEM centers and make this equitable across the country. We really want to have all youth have access to this. There is no reason any youth can’t have access, and we want every youth to succeed and get more involved in STEM education. It’s such a big thing now,” said Stephanie Green, senior director of development for the Ripken Foundation.

The STEM center features a 3D printer, snap circuits, and more.

Students that were testing out the center enjoyed playing with the high-tech products.

One student says he really liked the STEM fields.

“When I grow up, my dream thing is a baker, ’cause I like baking, but I’ve always thought of that as a side job. If I wanted to be something, I’ve always thought of being one of those scientists that build robotic limbs, prosthetics. I’ve always liked and wanted to do that,” said Jace Koenig, a fourth grader

Stephanie Green says if schools want to learn more about the STEM centers, the first step is to reach out to the Ripken Foundation.

The foundation can be reached at