A Minot woman is looking to provide people with special needs a sense of safety around the clock.

“Project Find Safe came about in 2019 when Dr. Lori Garnes here at the North Dakota Centers with Disabilities wanted to write a grant to be able to help prevent wandering and wanted to provide people in the state of North Dakota with the equipment to prevent them from doing that,” Project Director Vanessa Rovig said.

Through a grant funded by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2020 Rovig says this small bracelet *seen in the video above* was created to assist with that.

“We purchased 50 of the bracelet supply kits to be able to help and are free to the public,” she said.

How they work is you place the bracelet on your loved one’s arm, ankle, or necklace and leave it there.

If that person ever goes missing you report it as usual, but address that they have the bracelet on.

From there, law enforcement agencies that are specifically trained with the device will take over.

“With this program, we can kind of branch out into the bigger aspect of public safety and so this is a vital component of that,” Trained Trooper with the North Dakota Highway Patrol Ethan Rostvedt said.

Rovig says so far more than twenty families are participating.

“At first I thought — oh I don’t know, but I was just like I’ll give her a call, and so I did, and the rest is history,” Kenmare Resident Helen Caine said.

Caine says her husband has dementia and although she hasn’t had to put the bracelet to use it still brings her peace of mind.

“Amazing peace of mind, yes, yes, it’s wonderful. It took a load off my mind that you can’t believe,” she said.

“From a law enforcement standpoint I believe that this is a no brainer to have this program around — and then for the safety aspect, there’s a lot of individuals around the entire state who are affected by wondering, so let’s keep those people safe,” Rovig said.

For more information on how to get a free bracelet, click here.