MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — With Christmas crossed off the list, there is still one holiday that airports and cities are preparing for: New Year’s.

This year, Minot experienced close to normal tourist numbers thanks to the opening of the border, the state fair, and the Norsk Høstfest.

And in the final stretch of 2022, Visit Minot is expecting to finish the year with many visitors.

“Visit Minot works to support the groups that are doing all the hard work in putting these events together and bringing people to Minot,” said Visit Minot Executive Director, Stephanie Schoenrock.

With the recent climb in travel due to the holidays, airports across the country have been filled.

Minot International Airport is no exception, however, with the weather we have received, flights have been delayed and canceled.

Leaving travelers to wonder, if, and how, they will get home for New Year’s.

“Well, my holiday travels were great getting here but now I can not get home because my Allegiant flight was canceled back to Las Vegas, so I’m just scrambling to see how I can piece something together to get home within the next day or two,” said holiday traveler, Mary Beth Hall.

Although Minot is not a New Year’s Eve hotspot, Minot International Airport does offer direct flights to one of the most popular New Year destinations in Las Vegas.

The airport in Minot is trying its best to make sure that its passengers get to their desired destination safely, as soon as possible.

Holiday travel can be stressful and unpredictable and some feel it is not worth it.

“I wish I would have stayed in Las Vegas and not traveled because it’s just not worth it, all the headaches,” added Hall.

Even though some flights are canceled, travelers are hopeful they will get to their destination in time for New Year’s.

Last month Minot International Airport saw a total of nearly 11,000 passengers travel through the airport.

Putting them as the second most used airport in our state, they expect to see the same numbers this month.