A small-town police department has been known for their huge drug busts, and now they have an extra helper.

One of the most frequent crimes the Berthold Police Department sees is drug trafficking.

Because of that, the department was able to use some of the money from the drug busts to fund another K-9.

Their first police dog, Hunter, has been with the department for almost four years and Chief Al Schmidt says Hunter has helped make some of the biggest drug busts in state history.

To help fight the war on drugs, Berthold Police Department got their newest officer.

Bodhi is a Belgian Malinois and he’s BPD’s newest trained narcotics detection dog.

Officer Greg Pinski is Bodhi’s handler and he mainly looks for hardcore narcotics and weapons being transported on Highway 2.

Chief Schmidt says K-9s are a major asset.

“It gives them an extra tool to locate people trafficking narcotics which is a huge problem in our area,” said Schmidt. “And it’s a deterrent for people to bring drugs through our area when they find out we do have our drug dogs.”

The dogs go through 16 hours of training each month and a yearly certification with their handlers.

Bodhi has already made a few drug busts in his short time with the department.

“He’s calm and he’s got a high drive and loves to work,” said Schmidt. “And that’s what the Malinois’s like Bohdi is. They have just a– they can just work forever. Just intense work ethic and they wanna work. They wanna find those drugs.”

Once the K-9 finds the drugs, they are rewarded with a ball.

Any money that comes from narcotics busts is used to either combat narcotics or goes toward continuing education.

“We’d like to thank the City Council for letting us purchase this dog and always supporting our K-9 program,” said Schmidt. “And the citizens who are very supportive of the police department and the K-9 program also.”

Bodhi cost around $6,000.