MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — The defense team of Nichole Rice, who is charged with the 2007 murder of Anita Knutson, wants the state to present updated DNA for a possible alternative suspect in the case.

In the motion filed on March 20, she requested the courts to compel the state to provide updated State Crime Lab DNA sample reports.

She claims a previous suspect in the case, Devin Hall, was never tested.

During Rice’s preliminary hearing, one of her attorneys, Philip Becher pressed former Detective Mikali Talbott about Hall’s alleged involvement in Knutson’s murder.

Talbott testified that investigators ruled Hall out as a suspect after watching video footage of him arriving in Minot at the train station the evening after the murder.

But the defense continues to press the prosecution on Hall’s involvement.

This is what Rice’s defense attorney had to say at her preliminary hearing on September 8:

Philip Becher: “Does that state that Devin’s Grandmother had reached out and told somebody that Devin had told her he had possibly killed a young lady in Minot?”

Mikali Talbott: “That’s through like a third or fourth party but that’s what it says, yes.”… “There are several people of interest throughout this case. There have been items that have been able to exclude or eliminate those individuals.”

Rice’s attorney also requested the courts set a date for a hearing regarding the motion.

The motion also requested an updated address for Talbot in case she is subpoenaed.

Rice’s pretrial conference is still set for June 14, 2023.