MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Since Nichole Rice pleaded not guilty to the murder of Anita Knutson, which sent the case to trial, Rice’s pretrial conference has been rescheduled twice now.

The Ward County Clerk’s office says it’s likely the pretrial conference has been pushed back repeatedly because of the amount of evidence being submitted by the state and the defense.

In Rice’s preliminary hearing, her defense team argued that there is not enough DNA evidence to charge Rice.

But the Judge ultimately ruled there was enough evidence against Rice to go to trial.

Rice’s initial arrest came after ‘Cold Justice’ detectives came to Minot to investigate the cold case.

In the two-part series that was released on October 8, Cold Justice detectives narrow four suspects down to just one, Nichole Rice.

After another interview with Rice, detectives were able to prove the inconsistencies in her alibi on the night of Anita Knutson’s murder.

The clerk’s office says it’s not abnormal for a murder case like this to be prolonged.

Right now, Rice’s pretrial conference is set for March 1, 2023.