Kilee Harmon, the Executive Director for Gaia Home, is putting the pedal to the medal while practicing her cycle runs. She along with a team of others are preparing for “Race Across America.”

“A total of 14 people on the crew and the four rides, so a total of 18 people that are really going to help us get across America,” Harmon said.

The race begins in Oceanside, California and the final destination is set for Annapolis, Maryland.

“We’re doing this leapfrog approach for about 4-to-6-hour shifts and then when we’re done. Lori Klabunde and Karin Gardiner, they start their 4-hour shifts,” Harmon said.

The reason behind the race is to bring awareness about Gaia Home, the six-town home hospice care facility intended to be built in Bismarck. It requires $12 million in funding.

“A lot of conversation started in 2013. There have been pockets in the community that have talked about starting something like this. In 2019 Terry Rockstedt with the Rockstad Foundation started to gather a group of community leaders,” Harmon said.

This is why Harmon will continue to ride and get the message out about why this is important to the community. Hospice providers will have caregiver staff 24/7 allowing families to ease the burden off families.

“With end of life, of a loved one passing, some of us are getting closer to that being an experience in our lives. Just seeing how impactful this will be for those going through the end-of-life experience is why we’re doing this and that gives us the energy of why we need to move forward,” Harmon said.

This new direction will keep families from having to leave the feeling of home here in North Dakota.

“Currently in the state of North Dakota, there’s not a place that specializes in end of life care in a true home setting which is an option in many other states,” Harmon said.

The race is set to begin on June 14th. To learn more click here.