NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — The Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate, also known as AIM for Climate, is a program in the USDA seeking to address climate change and global hunger.
So, how climate-smart agriculture and food systems can spark innovation and heal our land?

The Natural Resources Conservation Service of North Dakota offers a variety of programs to help farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners pursue voluntary conservation efforts to deliver climate solutions.

These agricultural leaders share insights from these programs on AIM for Climate’s Innovation Hub, which the USDA shares online.

Some examples of these insights North Dakota shares with the world include soil health with cover crops and crop rotations.

The USDA creates a list and invests funds to implement these programs to the rest of the world.

“We initially thought we could raise $3 billion and then it was $4 billion, and now we believe we can raise $8 billion towards innovative and creative solutions that will impact and accelerate what we’re seeing here today,” said Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture.

Participation in AIM for Climate is voluntary and all areas of agriculture can check out the climate-smart agriculture programs.

For some of these programs to try out, click here.