The pandemic continues to create a lot of stress for everyone, potentially causing personal crises, employment issues and more.

But that’s where the North Dakota Community Options Program can help.

Craig Alderich, the outreach director for Community Options, says help with crisis care, mentoring and living assistance are available so people can live their most active life.

And their North Dakota Rent Help Program isn’t the only thing they offer for living assistance.

“Some of the other aspects of it are if they’re interested in finding employment, we have employment services, we can assist them with resume writing, resume creation, interview skills, motivational interviewing,” Alderich said.

They can also provide training and skills for individuals to move forward if they wish.

The program provides budget managing, Medicare and insurance assistance, too.

The majority of their programs offered are funded primarily through the state, according to Alderich, who says the work he does is rewarding.

“It’s a wonderful experience when you see individuals and the improvements they’ve made, and the growth, and the challenges they have overcome, and the growth they’ve established. That’s the reason most of us are able to put our heads down and sleep comfortably,” he said.

There’s 13 sectors under Community Outreach full of possibilities for residents statewide.