The 2022 Democratic-Nonpartisan League Party Convention is going on right now in Minot.

The North Dakota Dem-NPL is the state’s affiliate of the Democratic Party of the United States.

This political organization is the outcome of a merger of two parties.

While there are 224 days until the general election in November, Democrats from all over the state are at the Clarion Hotel gearing up for that election.

The focus of the convention is to nominate candidates for various state and local offices.

Delegates have also voted on changes and amendments to the platform and they will be in place until the next convention.

District 13 Chair Dr. Tom Seymour (D-West Fargo) says it’s important for the Dem-NPL party to be represented in state and local government.

“We know there are a lot of conservatives in North Dakota and we feel that we have a lot of new ideas and a lot of things that’ll move North Dakota forward in the future. And we need these kinds of people in our legislature and our state offices to make sure the resources in North Dakota are spent properly and the people get those rewards,” Dr. Seymour said.

District 35 Chair Joe Elsberry (D-Bismarck) says the nominees will bring new ideas to the table.

“There’s only one idea right now in virtually all statewide and legislative offices. And we just really feel, we need a different perspective and so that’s why we’re here together to support each other and come up with better ideas to just try to get another voice, especially in the legislature,” said Elsberry.

Dr. Seymour says the DemNPL party is lucky to have these candidates and he’s looking forward to the coming election year.

Elsberry added it’s nice to be back at the convention in person and that he’s excited for the rest of the event to see how far this party can change and grow.