NOTE: This story has been corrected to clarify the details of the bill.

North Dakota Representatives gave the green light to recreational marijuana.

The House voted Tuesday morning to legalize marijuana for recreational use for adults 21 years or older.

This bill would also allow people to be able to possess up to “twenty-one grams of adult-use cannabis” every two weeks. It would not allow North Dakotans to grow their own cannabis.

“There’s a lot of things I don’t agree with, but if it’s good policy and I think it’s going to be for the betterment of the State of North Dakota, I vote for it. And so I ask for a green vote,” said Rep. Jason Dockter, from Bismarck.

“Let’s vote green,” said Rep. Pat Heinert, from Bismarck.

“Ladies and gentleman, I have a rude awakening for all of us. If it’s not good for teens, what makes it good and safe for adults?” said Rep. Bill Tveit.

The bill ultimately passed 56 to 38.

To become law, it needs to also get the approval of the Senate and a signature from the governor.

But for advocates like Jonah Lantto, the House vote is a good first step toward something he thinks will be beneficial for the economy.

“I see jobs that are at the entry-level, that are at the managerial level and that are at the investment level. And so I want to see policy that enables investors small and large to benefit from the entrepreneurial successes that cannabis can bring,” said Lantto.

Another bill, which would make marijuana taxable, also passed the House.