NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — With January ending next week, it is important to remember what to do when it comes to hunting in North Dakota. North Dakota Game and Fish is reminding all hunters to remove tree stands, blinds, steps, and other personal items by Tuesday, January 31.

If you do not take your items by Tuesday, they will be considered abandoned property and are subject to removal and confiscation by North Dakota Game and Fish.

The department is also reminding hunters to fill out surveys from last year’s hunting seasons. North Dakota Game and Fish says it is very important to fill out the surveys, because they help the state understand the ecological future of North Dakota post-hunting season. Knowing roughly how many animals have been removed from North Dakota land is an important piece of information that the state needs in order to prepare for future hunting seasons and helping the overall environment.
For more information on surveys and hunting overall, click here.