DUNN COUNTY, N.D. (KXNET) — There were several crashes over the Christmas weekend in Dunn County. And authorities are encouraging drivers to be careful.

The Dunn County Sheriff’s Office says many of the crashes that happened west of Killdeer were caused by road conditions and zero visibility.

Deputies even had to turn some vehicles around due to the conditions.

Fortunately, we’re seeing nicer weather this week, including melting snow, but Sheriff Gary Kuhn tells KX News that Christmas made for a very long weekend for his deputies.

“One thing I did notice was that I saw people traveling when there was no travel advisory. So if you do get stuck in those storms make sure you turn your headlights on, not on auto, but turn them on and turn your high beams on,” said Gary Kuhn, Sheriff of Dunn County.

Sheriff Kuhn says if you get stuck, turn your hazard lights on so you’re more visible. He says if you plan to go out partying on New Year’s Eve, find a designated driver to take you home.