WATFORD CITY, N.D. (KXNET) — The North Dakota Petroleum Council (NDPC) presented its 2022 Industry Achievement Awards during its annual meeting on September 21 in Watford City.

According to a news release, these awards recognize members of the industry who demonstrate excellence in safety, community engagement, and environmental stewardship.

The oil and gas industry takes pride in working to find new ways to become better, cleaner, more efficient, and overall, a good neighbor.

The NDPC believes it’s important to recognize its members for their great achievements.

This year’s awards include:

Excellence in Safety

Denbury Resources received the Excellence in Safety Award for completing their CCA CO2 Installation Project without a single OSHA recordable incident.

This is quite remarkable given the size, scale, and duration of this project.

Denbury’s project included the installation of over 130 miles of pipe across Montana and North Dakota.

At peak activity, there were as many as 750 contractors working.

The pipeline crossed over 400 other pipelines and flowlines, and over 600,000 manhours were worked throughout the entire project.

Excellence in Community Engagement

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) received the Excellence in Community Engagement Award for its community investment strategy.

This strategy is centered around strengthening communities where they operate and helping improve lives through volunteering and monetary contributions.

From 2018-2021, the MPC team contributed nearly 2,000 volunteer hours in North Dakota, as well as more than $1.1 million to organizations focused on strengthening youth education and promoting career development.

MPC believes their community engagement is most effective when monetary contributions are united with their employees’ energy and dedication.

Excellence in Environmental Stewardship

Enerplus received the Excellence in Environmental Stewardship Award for their Emissions Reduction Budget.

As part of their inaugural ESG report in 2020, Enerplus’s Emissions Reduction Budget supported employee-generated emission reduction initiatives.

To date, seven projects have been executed creating an estimated year-end reduction of nearly 200,000 metric Tons CO2e.

Enerplus is committed to creating transparency with new and innovative technologies and they’ve increased awareness and engagement with all employees.

The North Dakota Petroleum Council congratulates all award winners and appreciates the example they set for the industry in making their workplaces and communities great places to live and work.