Have you ever wanted to go back in time to the medieval period? You can now experience what it was like at the first-ever North Dakota Renaissance Festival.

“You get a chance to dress up and pretend you are this princess or a gypsy or a serving wench,” said Velma Amundson, North Dakota resident.

66-year old, Velma Amundson is talking about the medieval era. It’s a time she says she would love to visit if she could.

“In a lot of way it was a more civilized time. It feels like an adventure,” said Amundson.

It’s that adventure people can have at the North Dakota Renaissance Festival. There are live performances such as jousting, sword fighting, acrobats, jugglers, and belly dancers. The festival also includes 15 vendors that sell food and merchandise from medieval times for the entire family to enjoy.

“I like how interactive it is and it is so creative. I really like jewelry and dancing,” said Miriam Legge, Tourist.

Organizers say this is great entertainment in the state and attracts tourists.

“Kings and noblemen would have tournaments to show off their knights such as the jousting that we have and other entertainers to entertain their guests. It’s a fun way to remember things that were going on back in the dark ages,” said Jade Hecker, Festival Organizer.

The festival is every weekend until September 1st in Regent, North Dakota.

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