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North Dakota residents share their ongoing concerns about COVID-19

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As COVID-19 cases across the country begin to rise again, the number of cases here has stayed relatively low. But a recent survey by UNISYS shows that 60 percent of Americans are concerned about the economic impact of the pandemic. We spoke to people like you to find out their concerns.

“I think they’ve just tried to scare us. I’m not as scared as should be, maybe,” said Lavonne Brekhus, Minot resident.

Several people we spoke to off-camera also say they aren’t concerned about COVID-19 here in North Dakota, while others say they’re more worried about the impact on the state’s economy.

“I worry about the businesses that are having to close and workers that are out of a job. But, I guess they’re doing pretty good with unemployment, better than they would at their jobs. I guess, overall, things remain pretty much normal in North Dakota. We didn’t close down as much as the rest of the country did,” said Kathy McCormack, Des Lacs resident.

Although some businesses couldn’t survive through the pandemic, one Minot resident isn’t concerned about the financial system bouncing back.

“The economy will take care of itself. As soon as people get back outside, and start going to restaurants, and taking care of their yards and spending money, going to wherever you’re going to go, the economy will take care of itself,” said Gary Deschambault, Minot resident.

He and a few others we spoke to are concerned however about people continuing to take the proper precautions.

“People need to take it more serious, especially younger people 20s and 30s. Events can wait. We can do that stuff later on, but until we get a grip on this, everybody is kind of in danger by it because of how easily it spreads.,” said Deschambault.

“I think we all need to be cautious and take preventatives. But not to be scared to death,” said Brekhus.

The same UNISYS survey shows 54 percent of Americans are also concerned about their family’s physical health.

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