NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — The amount of time a child is in school across the U.S. is roughly six hours a day. In North Dakota, the minimum required number of school days is 175. That’s at least 1,050 hours a year that parents send their children off to learn and better themselves thanks to the help of someone they hardly know, an extremely scary thought. So obviously parents want to be reassured that wherever they are sending their children to school will be a place that they can truly trust and know their children are learning.

Luckily for us in North Dakota, we seem to be doing a great job, as the state’s Public School System has been ranked 8th in the country.

Thanks to some help from WalletHub, which took performance, funding, safety, class size, and instructor credentials into account when compiling the school rankings, found North Dakota was one of the top 10 Public School Systems in the country.

They also found that North Dakota was ranked 6th in the country in terms of the quality of its school systems and is tied for 2nd in the country in median SAT scores.

Recently a new form of learning has been slowly developing thanks to the pandemic, digital learning. With students being forced out of the classrooms and instead put in front of a computer at home.

Despite concerns, North Dakotans should be happy to know that the state was ranked FIRST in the country regarding the existence of a digital learning plan.

Some other interesting stats of note included: North Dakota ranking 12th in math test scores, 23rd in reading test scores, and 5th in percentage of licensed/certified public K–12 teachers.