BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET)– A sobering reminder of the consequences of unsafe driving. North Dakota Vision Zero hosted a memorial for the victims of traffic crashes and their families.

Families got the chance to grieve for their loved ones, who were lost in motor vehicle crashes.

However, Sheriff Kelly Leben says these memorial ceremonies are something he wishes weren’t necessary.

“I think in my profession, it would be an honor if no ceremony was needed and nobody was invited to speak, because nobody ever died on our roadways, and no family and friends were ever left behind, wondering why,” said Sheriff Leben.

Paramedic Luke Zabka says he’s been the first one at the scene of a crash too many times to not remind the public of the consequences of distracted driving.

“Please pay attention when you’re driving. Put down your phone, wear your seatbelt, they do save lives, and get you where you’re going safely,” said Zabka.

“It’s one of those North Dakota things where we don’t say ‘I love you,’ we say ‘call me when you get there,’ right? And it truly it’s because we want you to get there safe. Please wear your seatbelt. Your phone calls can wait, your text messages can wait.”

The memorials for those roadway victims are posted online on the North Dakota Crash Memorial Wall. To create a memorial or view the Crash Memorial Wall, click the link here.