Many travelers during the holidays bought round-trip tickets for the new year.

A lot of them were disappointed with canceled flights due to the weather and the new Omicron variant.

KX News spoke to a New Town traveler who flew with his family from Bismarck to Louisiana to see his daughter for New Year’s.

Jay Hale said it’s been six months since he’d seen her.

He said there was no trouble getting to the Pelican state but there was a cancellation on what was supposed to be his return day.

“We were supposed to fly out of Shreveport last night, but they kept pushing our flight back last night because someone from traffic control to my understanding tested positive for COVID, so we couldn’t get out of there until this morning,” Hale said.

In some cases, weather has been a contributing factor to cancellations, but also staffing shortages in the airline industry have been a major concern as well.