Army veteran John Weisgerber is very patriotic when it comes to serving his country.

“It’s everybody’s duty to serve our country. I’m honored and proud to have served this country and I was able to serve for 40 years,” Weisgerber said.

For most North Dakota veterans, it was their first time traveling to the nation’s Capitol.

The Honor Flight spotlighted our own veterans for their term of service and all that they do.

They each have their own history lessons to share about their time in the service.

“It’s been amazing hearing the stories of our veterans,” Western North Dakota Honor Flight board member Marty Presler said.

“I spent four years. I was drafted in 1969 and went in active in 1970. I was shipped over to Germany,” Army veteran Ronald Wheeling said.

Servicemembers were extremely surprised and moved by the letters they received on their way back to Bismarck.

Letters were reflective of those they anxiously waited for when they were away from home.

“Just what’s being done right here on the honor flight is unreal. This is something that I’m very grateful for,” Army veteran Mike Welder said.

“I’m a veteran, I prefer to support veteran causes. I feel like a lot of people feel the same way. I feel this gives people in the community the opportunity to do that,” Western North Dakota Honor Flight board member Dennis Burdolski said.

The honor flight was an all-paid expense trip for veterans provided by community support and fundraisers.

The organization hopes to raise more funding to send another group to Washington, D.C.