With a couple hundred positive cases of Coronavirus in the state of North Dakota now only 63 have recovered so far.

KX got the chance to sit down with a Bismarck woman who is one of those 63 people.

29 year old,Paige Kuznia never thought in a million years that she would test positive for Coronavirus, all because she did not fit into the vulnerable category.

“I feel like I’ve kind of gotten a little bit more compassionate and less about like I’m gonna be just fine. Thankfully I am, but I’m starting to see as more and more cases start to be confirmed in North Dakota that not everyone is handling it as well as I did,” shares Kuznia.

Kuznia began experiencing flu like symptoms after returning back to Bismarck from a trip to Watertown with her boyfriend.

Within a week of their return she experienced fever, body chills, and a stuffy nose– causing her to take a trip to the hospital where they tested her for influenza and strep throat.

“That was about at 11:30 i get the call that my influenza test was negative, so that means they’re going to test for COVID-19 because that is the same test. It’s that nose swab, that feels like they’re scratching your brain,” explains Kuznia.

After receiving the results she let everyone that she has come in contact with in the weeks prior to her trip know that she tested positive for the illness.

“I made a Facebook post just to let everyone know what my situation was and I actually had a couple close family friends reach out and say that I had convinced their teenagers that this is real thing,” says Kuznia.

She says after going through this and getting back to work, she will continue to practice sanitizing and social distancing not only to protect herself, but to protect others.

“You know, if you wear a mask to the grocery story, you wear a mask to the grocery store. I hope people don’t stigmatize that as “oh you have this.. blah, blah, blah. Like no I’m trying to protect myself and I’m also trying to protect you,” shares Kuznia.

Kuznia has since been given the clearance to get back to normal living after three days with no symptoms.

Kuznia says she still isn’t sure how she contracted the virus because all the people she was in contact with over her weekend trip did not have any Coronavirus symptoms.