(CBS NEWS) A woman from North Dakota has a harrowing story to share after being aboard a cruise ship where 21 passengers and crew members got the coronavirus.

Kari Kolstoe of Grand Forks is battling stage-four neuro-endocrine cancer.

Doctors cleared her to go on the Grand Princess Cruise to take a break from her treatments — but it’s not the experience she expected.

Kolstoe says after the ship docked in Oakland, California, she and her husband sat on a bus and wore masks for three hours before heading to Travis Air Force Base. She says she has horrific back pain because of the cancer.

She says her doctors gave her radiation and pain medication before she left, with the idea that she would get home and undergo chemotherapy Tuesday in Minnesota — but she won’t make that appointment.

Kolstoe has no symptoms of the coronavirus, but she expects to be quarantined for two weeks.

She says she’s trying to be sent to a medical facility or have her case reconsidered, given her cancer diagnosis and chemo appointment.