NEW TOWN, N.D. (KXNET) — One of the state’s tribal colleges has now received a $200,000 grant to support its community solar project.

Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College is one of 16 tribal entities to receive the Facility Grant from the Tribal Solar Accelerated Fund.

And that’s not the only way the college stays green.

The school also offers energy cost reduction workshops and hands-on training for the installation and maintenance of solar projects for tribal members.

The president of the school says the grant will be used to expand solar energy and job opportunities for MHA Nation.

“I feel like it’s really, it’s almost responsive to our tribal way of life to be doing this type of work. To be thinking in terms of future generations, particularly I don’t think that there’s a dichotomy between the fact that we are a mineral tribe,” said Twyla Baker, the president of Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College.

Dr. Baker says some solar panels have already been added to the college’s cultural center and the next project is putting panels on the main building.