Emily Pape, a Bismarck native, has years of nursing experience and is continuing to add more. She is a wife and mother to a three-year-old and six-year-old.

Pape loves everything about her job and says she has not let the pandemic stand in the way of doing what she loves best.

“The last two years have been treacherous, to say the least. It feels good to be recognized,” said Pape.

Pape said she got her calling to become a nurse after finding her passion for wanting to help others. She also grew up surrounded by nurses in her family,

“I love people. I have always been fascinated with science and how the body works and just the overall impact it can make,” Pape said.

Working during the pandemic has not been easy. She said she has kept herself from getting burnt out from the job started with taking care of herself.

“I often think of on the airplane when they say if you need a mask put the mask on first and then the child,” Pape said.

When helping others there are going to be good times as well as stressful ones. There’s no telling how the day will turn out, but nurses like Pape are there to support her patients emotionally.

“You’re often interacting with people during times of uncertainty, of fear, of the unknown and it’s our job to be there for them in the most honest way as possible,” Pape said.

Like any job challenges, Pape says she is lucky those have been limited for her.

“I feel like some of those tougher conversations are hard when you do find a bad diagnosis. I have a history in women’s health. When it’s good, it’s really good when it’s bad, it’s really bad.” Pape said.