An opportunity to learn about meteorology and have some fun was in Minot Thursday night, thanks to the National Weather Service, hosted by John Paul Martin, a warning coordination meteorologist with the NWS.

SkyWarn seminars are held about 20 times a year with the goal of teaching people everything they need to know about severe weather.

Martin is sure to explain what people should, or shouldn’t do when severe weather like tornadoes or flash flooding comes around.

It’s also his job to recruit weather spotters to report back to the National Weather Service.

“You know, folks think ‘well you issued a warning for golf ball-sized hail, I got golf ball-sized hail, so you knew it was going to happen.’ In reality, we didn’t know. We thought we knew, but we need that confirmation,” Martin explained.

The goal is to teach science in an interesting, fun and applicable way.

If you’d like to host a Skywarn training in your city, school, or county, visit the NWS website.