MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A local movie theater has teamed up with an organization that focuses on Autism, Behavioral and Addiction Medicine, to make movies more relaxing for the entire family.

A sensory movie will be offered to the public at Oak Park Theater in Minot by Fountain Behavioral Services.

A sensory movie provides a comfortable environment for the whole family.

The lights are up, the sounds are brought down, and kids are free to roam about the movie theater.

“It’s a place where, you know families with, you know children that have maybe some special needs, or where it’s like to loud, can come and watch. It’s also a place where families with little kids can come and enjoy,” said Fountain Behavioral Services Clinical Director, Elise Felicio.

Sensory movies are also a good way to introduce your child to a movie theater setting.

Organizers say the environment of sensory movies not only helps the kids but also the parents.

“Kids can run around and it’s just, you can be more relaxed and there’s no expectation of having to be quite and sit still,” added Felicio.

Felicio says putting on events like this and raising awareness to sensory movies, is easier in a city like Minot.

Fountain Behavioral services plans to do sensory movie night at least once a month.

“It’s just something that the community has wanted and we’re glad to bring it back because it happened years ago but, you know, with COVID it just kind of shut down,” said Felicio.

With Fountain Behavioral Services being new to the area, they are planning a variety of events throughout the year around Minot.

Since coming to town Fountain Behavioral Services has also teamed up with a master cosmetologist to provide haircuts for those with special needs.

For more information head over to Fountain Behavioral Services Facebook.