Off-Highway Vehicles Approved For Bismarck Use

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BISMARCK – There’s good news for owners of off highway vehicles hoping to take to the streets of Bismarck.

The Bismarck City Commission recently gave approval to allow certain types of off-highway vehicles to drive on city streets.

There are some restrictions you need to know about.

To be allowed on city streets, vehicles must weigh less than 8-thousand pounds, have a roll cage with working turn signals and a horn.

They also must be able to travel faster than 25 miles per hour and have seat belts for all occupants.

KX News spoke with the man who helped draft the bill and he tells us this should clear up a lot of questions among riders.

“We had a lot of customers asking about it and confusion between the other cities in the state and thought Bismarck was legal and it wasn’t so, we had a lot of people questioning, so I felt that it was important to be there to support the ordinance change”, said Josh Vallely, General Manager of Vallely Sport and Marine in Bismarck.

The new ordinance only applies to streets with a speed limit under 55 miles per hour.

The vehicles will still not be allowed on highways and interstates.

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